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Laparoscopic Spay (Key hole) Surgery

Quicker recovery time, reduced surgical trauma, decreased post-operative discomfort and pain as well as less post-operative wound complications… Sound good? These are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery, something that we are pleased to be able to offer to our patients.

Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) is the minimally invasive use of a camera in the abdomen to facilitate surgical intervention through very small wounds. The surgery itself involves the introduction of two or three ‘ports’ through the abdominal wall, less than 1cm in size. The camera and instruments can then be introduced through these ports and the surgery performed.

Traditionally, the spaying of dogs involves opening the abdomen and removing both of the ovaries as well as the whole uterus. With laparoscopic spays, the uterus is visually examined and if healthy, left in situ, meaning only the ovaries are removed. Long term outcome studies have concluded this does not affect the health of the patient whatsoever, it will prevent the patient coming into season as well as preventing pyometra, a life threatening infection of the uterus.

There are certain restrictions to the procedure, such as patients under 10kg needing special consideration from the surgeon. Likewise, patients with a body condition score of 6/9 or over may be unsuitable.

Prices start from £346